The Experience

What better way to spend a few hours, than on a world class zipline adventure? You’ll enjoy ziplining, sky bridges and a rappel to finish things off! The best part is that a zipline lets the magic of gravity do all the work. Fitted with a specially-designed harness you can savor breathtaking views of the majestic Redwood forest at a leisurely pace. If that weren’t enough, you’ll even learn some incredible things about the Redwood eco-system. Bonus!

Ziplines were originally created as a way to perform scientific research in remote jungles and other previously inaccessible places, but these days ziplines are enjoying an explosion in popularity as high-adventure experiences, in places ranging from Costa Rica to Australia—and even on ships at sea. But now, you can experience the excitement of ziplines here in Sonoma County, at Sonoma Canopy Tours.

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