The Legend of the Sonoma Sasquatch

Overgrown brush guards the roadsides of Bohemian Highway. Tall redwood trees stand silently to the side, casting shadows on the ground below. Light dapples the ground in sparse patches, creating patterns of motion that trick the eye. Dense shrubs hide road signs and driveways, but what else might lurk by the edge of the forests? Who else might be carefully studying us, as we go about our daily lives?
As you drive through Camp Meeker, it is impossible to miss the sign that reads Bigfoot Crossing. A giant statue of the mythical ape-like creature sits atop the hill, guarding the territory known to belong to Bigfoot. Skeptics abound but anyone who lives nearby will have to admit to extraordinary events taking place not far from the statue. Trees breaking, loud cries in the night, and the lurking sense of being watched have all been reported. Not everything is quite as picturesque as it seems, and the cause cannot be simply brushed aside as legend.

Lurking Legend

Sasquatch lurking in Sonoma County may seem far-fetched, but the legend of this creature first began not too far away. The Sasquatch of Sonoma County has remained fairly quiet for some time, with most reports dating back to the 1980s. This all changed beginning in 2017 when Bigfoot was caught on video attempting to steal a pig from a Northern California farm.
While reports remained sparse, the evidence was clear. Sonoma County has had its own Sasquatch for quite some time, hiding amongst the Redwoods and keeping an eye on visitors to the forest. The creature seems to know it will be accepted and allowed freedom to roam in the quiet landscape, with plenty of trees to hide away amongst. For several years he has stayed out of sight, perhaps spending his days hidden by the banks of the Russian River, or in the Old Redwood Groves of Armstrong Woods.
However, a recent increase in bizarre happenings has been linked to a reappearance of Bigfoot.

First-Hand Accounts

“I was inspecting the ziplines early in the morning, and I stopped to check the emergency bags. Something big was moving through the brush below the tree. There was all this cracking and breaking, so I knew it wasn’t anything small, but when I radioed down, they hadn’t been in that area. I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but after something like that, you have to wonder…” – Anonymous Sonoma Zipline Adventures Zipline Guide
Even skeptics have noted the presence of odd footprints scattered along the Russian River and its adjoining streams. Red eyes, too high off the ground to be anything else, have been spotted by people driving at night, or during the early morning. Lest this seems like sparse evidence to you, below are recounted some more recent reports (anonymously posted for privacy) of our historic and missing Bigfoot’s reappearance.
“We hike a lot of the same paths consistently, so you notice any small changes. This morning when I was walking up, there was a long set of footprints leading across the road. They were enormous and heavyset, not like anything I had seen on the trails before… Something else is out here.” – Anonymous Alliance Redwoods Naturalist
“I was walking down the hill after a night tour, and there was something ahead on the road. It must have been at least six feet tall. Even with how dark it was, the eyes glowed red. It stared at me, and when it moved off it ambled through the woods, moving really fast.” – Anonymous Sonoma Zipline Adventures Zipline Guide
“I was hiking around lunchtime, and there are a lot of nice streams in the area. I stopped to sit and have lunch, and I spotted a large figure just up the hill, retreating into the brush. It was way too big to be human, and it blended into the brush as it went…I’m not the kind to lose my head about things, but I hadn’t experienced this type of strangeness in a very long time.” –
Anonymous Sonoma County Wilderness Enthusiast
While some may view these reports as inconclusive or simple weird mishaps, the writing is on the wall for anyone who is willing to see it. It is time to prove, once and for all, that this amazing enigma truly exists.
Bigfoot is back in full force.