Easy to Join, Easy to Reap the Rewards!

Exchange Miles of Zip for Exclusive Deals, Discounts, and Adventures!

Each tour is a mile long, and with every mile gained you’ll be granted new ways to redeem your Frequent Flier miles for discounts on zipline adventures, merchandise, gifts, and other exclusive adventures.

We will be accepting zipline tours to May 2022 for credit towards your Frequent Flier Totals!


1 mile: Frequent Flier Membership

2 miles: 20% off merchandise in our store (sweatshirts, photos, stickers)

3 miles: 30% off zipline bookings

4 miles: 20% off treehouse stays

5 miles: Free Zipline tour

Frequent Fliers will be launching alongside our brand new Treehouse Club Rewards Program the weekends of October 7th and 8th and October 14th and 15th. Book now to be a part of the celebration and get your free Frequent Fliers tee!