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What Makes the Redwoods so Special?

Along the northern Pacific coast, shrouded in mist, grows California’s majestic coastal redwood forests. These remnants of a woodland, once growing unobstructed from Oregon down past Monterey, are the legacy of an ancient past that is rapidly fading. However, thanks to conservation groups like the Save the Redwood League and Redwood Parks Conservancy, there is […]

Five Outdoor Adventures in Wine Country!

The wine country is well known for its world-famous vineyards, but it also offers much in terms of outdoor adventure opportunities. While the outdoor adventure industry has been shut down for over a year, thanks to rising vaccination rates, it’s slowly starting to open up. For those aching to get finally get out of their […]

Prepare to Zip-Line in Seven Steps

By Josiah Finley Riding a zip-line is an adventure like none other. However, flying through the sky across yawning canyons, betwixt ancient trunks, or across skyscrapers requires a degree or two of preparation. But fear not brave souls; we have you covered. For decades we have been zipping through the Redwood Forests of Northern California, […]